Feeling the loss

It’s only been two days without our supertech and her absence is evident, especially when we get busy. I feel really bad but I had to say what I said to newish-tech and new-tech today because if I don’t, I will boil over.

Supertech earned her title by being above average. One may assume that she probably has 5 years or more experience under her belt but the truth is, she’s not even allowed into casinos yet (turning 21 this week). For her age, she’s AMAZING. Quick to learn, initiative, hardworking, alert, organized and funny to boot.

I don’t need to say, “Would you help me serve?” or “Would you help me take this out?” or “This is a waiter, we need to do it now.”

Even when she’s in her secluded corner making up packs, she is always on the lookout for any customers or patients walking into the shop – I wouldn’t be the sole person at the front, frustrated that no one else sees the patient/customer waiting while I’m serving another and feeling bad that I can’t help both at once. It looked really bad today when I had three patients/customers waiting and while I was serving the 4th, newish-tech and new-tech was in plain sight but not noticing the three.


If you ask me about the state of that packing corner, I could go on for hours (okay, I exaggerate) – supertech never left her corner messy. She completes everything before going off for a break, no leaving messes half way through her tasks. In our line of work, you try to keep everything tidy/clean, so the mess that they leave around really irritates me. Yes, they. New-tech seemed to have pick that up, too.

Oh! The opened boxes of medication – why would you open two boxes of the same medication and not look around for the opened box first?

Now, I know my boss checks email all the time at work but it’s for work. She’s the business manager, support office communicates by electronic mail. I check my email account for work, too, if it’s business hours – not very often because everything else comes through the intranet. Granted, I do use work computer to log on to Facebook but that’s usually when I have run out of things to do (usually in the later part of the evening).
Newish-tech goes on Facebook anytime she wishes, sometimes even when she’s making up a pack. Excuse me, since when was it okay to do so? Your priorities are getting your jobs done and obviously they are not done yet. And even if the packs are done, there are always other things to do. I don’t stand in front of the computer, in the middle of my jobs, checking out what my friends posted/did/commented.

Appropriateness and priorities, people!
I can’t impose what I believe/practice on you but isn’t that just the norm for any job? If one says it’s because she’s still young, why is supertech not like that?

I’m feeling the loss because when supertech was here, she sorts out my beef with newish-tech because she gets things done. Now that she’s left, it’s all there – bare and ugly. I wonder if I should tell her but I’ve already told her a few things of what’s “supposed-to-be” and I really don’t want her to feel I’m picking on her. That’s why when if I work evenings or weekends with her, I try not to set any bad example. If possible, no using the computer apart from work because hey, one has to walk the talk as well.


Miss Community