Plain ‘ol rant

Let me spell out a little disclaimer first:
We are a team, we work as a team and this is not to say I’m not willing to be a team player – I just want to rant.

I was supposed to have last weekend off but *Kay rang on Tuesday to ask if it’s okay to swap some days and have me work the weekend. Fair enough because I know that it’s tough to manipulate the roster in such a way that everyone is (relatively) happy. This is also because “Who Wants To Be A Pharmacist” and her fiancĂ© have not had a weekend spent together where both of them were not working.

Off topic: I just found out why they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) swap WWTBAP’s weekend shift with *May’s – it is so that May could have the same weekends off as her fiancĂ© (and I hear they don’t want to rock THAT boat for fear that she may leave). Uhm…the rest of us are bound to you in chains? Not.

Anyway, it was rather last minute (the call was made on Tuesday and I was told to take Wednesday and Thursday off so that I can work the weekend shift in another store) but the way I was asked to do the shift, I thought it was a once off.

When I looked at the roster yesterday (after announcing that never again shall I volunteer or agree to working the 10 hours’ shift at that particular store), I hyperventilated a little because I saw that I had FOUR days off during the first week back from my holiday. Then I thought to myself, “Oh, I must be working the weekend in the other city’s store.”

Lo and behold! Not the other city’s store but the same store that I vowed not to go back to for the 10 hours’ shift!

I suppose it’s 4 weeks away and Kay would probably inform me when I get back but this is exactly what ticks me off. I don’t mind doing weekends, I don’t mind working in that store but what I DO mind is when I am not informed AT ALL! In the proposed 6 week’s rotation, that particular weekend was never in place. It was a once off (so I thought) because:

1. She said, “AC would do up the ‘dones so you don’t need to worry about it.”
Well! If it was a monthly thing, I don’t think it’s fair for him to do it every time I work the weekend because it’s the pharmacist’s duty. Whether or not you’re familiar with the procedure – YOU work that weekend, YOU are the pharmacist on DUTY, YOU get the job done.

2. She said, “Since you’re going on a holiday soon, it’s alright to let them have that weekend off.”
This also ticked me off. What has my holiday got to do with my weekend? I find that often she would’ve won the battle (of getting people to help with shifts) but the ending sentence or word would always make you go, “What on earth…?” and rubs you the wrong way.
Anyway, I digressed. With that sentence, I (again) thought that it was a once off because I’m not going away every month.

Why I have issues with working the 10 hours’ shift when I’ve done plenty in the current store I’m based at?
I have grown wimpy.
You read right.

Regardless, it’s more of the attitude of the staff that turns me off.
Oh, also because I nearly keeled over and died because I did not get to eat anything until nearly 3pm. I was unable to chomp down my mini mince pie (despite it’s size) that I got for breakfast or the ham+cheese bun that I got for lunch because we were busy. Both in the dispensary and shop. Several times I wondered, “Where did everyone go?” This is in regards to shop staff.
I am okay to eat on-the-go but of recent times, I am just not physically able to chew quickly/properly – thus not being able to sneak any food in between patients/customers.

Not looking forward to going back to work now. Not happy to NOT be informed.
Don’t get me wrong – like I said, it’s not about working weekends or even at that store (this time I will go prepared with protein shakes or something) – it’s just…ugh.

*names were changed (of course!)

Miss Community

Free sitter

During the flu season (especially in the midst of handing out Tamiflu like candies), WHYYYYYYYYYY would you not control your kids when you come through to the pharmacy? They cough over our merchandise, knock our things down, play with the gifts and goodness knows where they wipe their hands after wiping the snot off their noses!


If things ever break, they play the innocent card.
If you kid breaks something, YOU are responsible – don’t give us the, “Uhh…they are just kids.”

That’s why we’ve been dispensing that many Tamiflu’s to children under 12 – touch touch touch touch! Have they not heard about keeping to good hygiene to prevent the spread of flu? It’s all over the media…since LAST year.

Miss Community