Good tech, bad tech

We should be shot! Its nearly 7 months since this was updated. Or perhaps everything is smooth sailing and peachy at work.

Yea, right!

My recent rant is about the new colleague. Out of work force for about a year and come back not wanting to be taught/adapt into a new work culture. Less than a month in, we’ve been told we’re doing this and that wrong, we’re not managing our stock properly, rearranged our shelves, threw out stuff (don’t know if permission was obtained)…mind you, this new person is not even working full time. You can imagine how many feathers were ruffled!

You CANNOT compare us to your previous work place ALL the time. Privately owned pharmacies and group/corporately owned pharmacies are different. They are especially different in SOPs. Some privately owned pharmacies don’t even have SOPs – we have standardised SOPs that are reviewed annually and every staff has a login to access that database.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Okay. This person is here to stay, so maybe that saying doesn’t exactly fit but it’s close enough.

We all try to be polite and tell you that this is how we do things in our dispensary. You nod but NEVER change. Do you realise how frustrating that is? We cannot afford to NOT multitask in our little pharmacy. So pick up the phone while you are doing something else (I have personally seen you blatantly ignoring the phone even when it is in front of you), stop counting tablets if there is no one else to serve that customer at the counter, keep your ears open for people coming into the store when you are arranging shelves, don’t be soooooo calculative about your hours (we try to work as a team and help each other out) and frankly I dread every other Friday evenings when I have to work with you.

So here’s the back-to-rant post. All about the new tech we got. The only good thing (on paper) is that she is qualified. I don’t see any perks in real life, though.


Miss Community