Watch your kid!

I’ve been catching up on customer stories from all over the world via Not Always Right – if I didn’t work in retail myself, I would think some of the stories were made up because it’s utterly ridiculous.

The ones with misbehaving children addresses one of my pet peeves at work. I know I shouldn’t judge because I am not a parent but honestly, some things are just common sense/courtesy.

This man comes in with his toddler with a Rx for dispersible ondansetron and Pedialyte. Since the 4mg tablet has been OOS for a month, I swapped it with the 8mg and quartered it for the patient without being asked (the doctor prescribed 4mg with instructions to only give half a tablet at a time).

While waiting, the toddler was running wild and free in our store; pushing stock over and using his bugs-ridden hands to touch everything! Ugh!
What did the father do? Stood at a corner looking up his phone and saying, “Don’t do that, son.”

I got the Rx done as soon as I can (it was a Sunday and for the first 2 hours in the morning, we work alone) and did the counselling with the father. Half way through my counselling, the toddler was playing with our main door that slides (manually), banging the door repeatedly.

I got really annoyed, so I walked towards the door to stop the toddler. I didn’t want his fingers crushed (and we then get the blame) although my first thought was, “ARGHHHH! SO ANNOYING! WHY DOESN’T HIS FATHER DO ANYTHING?!!!”

“Please don’t play with the door.” *forced smile*
(Although I really wanted to kick him into next week)

When I got back to the counter, the father paid for the items but not without telling me off.

“He’s only a kid! He doesn’t even understand what you’ve said!”

“Well, I don’t want him to get hurt. That door has claimed many victims before because their fingers get caught when they slam it.”

*while still walking off*
*rolls eyes*

If he doesn’t understand what we tell him, what’s the point of YOU telling him, “Don’t do that, son”????
He is a toddler! Grab his hand, keep him close, watch him! Do YOUR JOB! Don’t let him run around the shop! No apologies whatsoever when he pushed our stock over (I know it’s our job to stack them but it’s not a bowling alley!) and you did not physically stop him when he was slamming our door repeatedly! And I get the nasty look as if I’ve smacked your son when I went over to hold the door still?! I wish I had!

I was hoping that was the last of them…but then, I saw them again the week after.

Miss Community